Summary: NIS Problems

Date: Thu Feb 28 1991 - 08:16:58 CST

Sorry this took me so long to post but since I still don't know the solution
there has not been much to summarize. Some of the suggested solutions were

1. boot single user and re-run ypinit -m

2. set a default route prior to starting ypbind

3. make sure the /etc/defaultdomain file is correct and corresponds to
   the domain for the yp maps in /var/yp

Unfortunately, I had already tried 1 and 2 and everthing was correct with
regard to 3.

The only changes I had made to rc.boot and rc.local was to set the correct
broadcast address (host part all 1's) and comment out some things we don't
want. Further investigation showed that ypbind was broadcasting the correct
address but the packet length was 112 bytes (etherfind -r). I only mention
this as it was the only difference I could see between the packets from
ypbind which worked on other machines and those from the machine which would
not bind to a yp server.

Anyway, I solved the problem by reinstalling and then rebooting after every
change to rc.boot and rc.local in an effort to discover which change caused
the problem. But this time the problem did not arise - not sure why. However
I can reproduce the problem by booting single user, hand-configuring the
interface, setting a default route, starting the portmapper and then ypbind i.e.
the same things rc.local does.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I am still interested. Thanks to those
who replied to the initial posting which follows

> I just put 4.1.1 on my 4/370 and everything seemed to be going fine until
> after rebooting one time (just to check rc.local modifications) when ypbind
> failed. The machine is an NIS master server and as soon as ypbind is
> started (in rc.local) it dies with the message
> ypbind: cannot register tcp service.
> The machine then continues to boot multiuser but once up, neither ypserv nor
> ypbind are running. I can start ypserv manually and all is well. However, if
> I then start ypbind manually, I get several ypbind processes and the message
> NIS: server not responding for domain
> and a "ypwhich" yields
> Domain not bound.
> The portmapper is running and I have checked the /etc/defaultdomain file.
> everything seems right. Any ideas on what is wrong here??
> thanks in advance,
> Charlie Taylor
> UF Astronomy

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