SUMMARY: Sparc floppies and DOS

From: William F. Mitchell (
Date: Wed Feb 27 1991 - 16:55:39 CST

I received three immediate responses, with sufficient information in them that
I needn't wait for more replies. Thanks to:

        blknowle@frodo.JDSSC.DCA.MIL (Brad L. Knowles)
        James J Dempsey <>
        "Anthony A. Datri" <>

I appreciate your time.

The short answer is: Get to 4.1.1 because it has built-in capability
to deal with DOS filesystems.

I had one response which recommended SoftPC and Sun's Dos Windows. These
go beyond my need to read/write files on a 3.5" floppy because they will
actually run DOS programs.

Thanks again you guys who responded.
William Mitchell
The MITRE Corporation
(703) 883-5402

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