SUMMARY:problem trying to install modem

Date: Wed Feb 27 1991 - 13:02:00 CST

My original question :

>>I'm trying to install a 2400 bd modem to ttyb on my SUN 4/390 running
>>SUNOS 4.0.3 for dialup. In my Kernel zs0 looks like this:

>> device zs0 at obio? csr 0xf1000000 flags 3 priority 3

>>I created /dev/cua0 and looks like this:

>> crw------- 1 uucp 12, 129 Feb 6 13:17 /dev/cua0

>>I moved ttyb to ttyd0 and changed entry in /etc/ttytab to the following:

>>#ttyb "/usr/etc/getty D2400" dialup on
>>ttyd0 "/usr/etc/getty D2400" dialup on

>>All the times I did a ps -aux I got:

>>root 14831 0.0 0.0 48 0 d0 IW Feb 20 0:00 - D2400 ttyd0 (getty)

>>Then I attached my modem 2.4 Modem Plus Ark Products Hayes Compatible,
>>rebooted and every time I did a ps -aux I got one of these two responses:
>>root 14835 0.0 0.0 48 0 d0 IW Feb 20 0:00 - D2400 ttyd0 (getty)
>>root 14835 0.0 0.0 48 0 d0 IW Feb 20 0:00 login -p k/[0o0o0o0

>>Finally I did a tip cua0 and I got:

>> all ports busy

Here are the responses wich I believe will cover off the majority of

     1. Change "flag 3" to "flag 1" or "flag 0" in the kernel config of
        device zs0. This turns off the s/w carrier supplied by the tty driver
        and force the external port to supply carrier.

     2. Make sure the modem supplies DCD only when carrier is present not
        all the time. To do this tip to cua0, do a 'AT&V' to print out the
        defaults settings. Then check the value for &C, it should be &C1,
        if not enter AT&C1 and then AT&W to store values.

     3. Make sure that /etc/remote is set up with the first entry pointing
        to /dev/cua0. Check /var/spool/locks and /var/spool/uucp to make
        sure that there are no locks in the form LCK.cua0.

     4. Configure the modem NOT TO reply to the command.

     5. Disable result codes and echo on the modem.

Finally I had to forced "on DTR" in my modem because my SUN was not supplying
this signal to my modem.

I would like to thank all who responded.

 Mayra Velez

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