Summary - syslog / chroot

Date: Wed Feb 27 1991 - 05:30:01 CST

Thanks to this list which solved my problem; and thanks to:
who took time to answer.
>> I tried to compile the ftpd deamon I got by anonymous ftp from
>> syslog messages go well to the specifies host/files,
>> according to syslog.conf, as soon as chroot is not
>> called. But after nothing more is sent to syslog.
>> Is there any way to fix this?
ftpd does things in this order:
So we could think that, as openlog is done before chroot, syslog would work.
It doesn't. Though in theory it should.
No hard or soft links solved the problem. The way to fix this is to
have an own syslog(3) which does syslog by using UNIX domain IPC.
You can get syslog.c from
and then do the changes.
  --Jacques Beigbeder
  ( beig@frulm63.bitnet / / )

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