SUMMARY: st: bus timeout error...

Date: Mon Feb 25 1991 - 09:19:45 CST

Original message:

>I came in this weekend to upgrade the system from 4.0.3 to 4.1.1. When
>I issue the
> b st()
>to boot from the distribution tape, I get:
> >b st()
> Boot: st(0,0,0)
> Error (PSR = 0x203) Timeout Bus Error:
> Vaddr: 00800000, Paddr: 7FFFE000, Write, FC 5, Size 2 at 0xFEFE081A.
> >


Anthony Datri summed it up the best:

>When boot gives you a bus error, it's usually because you somehow
>managed to run the wrong boot. Is it possible that you tried to boot a
>"sun3" tape instead of a "sun3x" tape?

YES, I was trying to put 68020 code in a 68030!!! To confirm, I
brought the drive and the tapes to our 3/60 (68020-based) and loaded
miniroot no problem. I brought back the tape drive to the 3/80 (a
68030-based) and loaded miniroot from the 4.0.3 sun3x tapes...

I'll just have to wait until we get the sun3x 4.1.1 tapes...

Thanks for all who replied:

From: "Anthony A. Datri" <>
From: Adam Glass <solipsist!glass@soda.Berkeley.EDU>
From: (Fred Stellabotte At Cold Spring Harbor Lab)

You people make this list WONDERFUL!

       Claude Cantin
       National Research Council of Canada

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