SUMMARY: SCSA information

Date: Mon Feb 18 1991 - 10:24:46 CST

In summary of my recent posting of help regarding SCSA device drivers.
The best data I found was the existance of a maillist. Below is the address
I used to contact the moderator.


 Basically before you attempt to write the SCSA drivers get two sun document
 part numbers 800-4701-10 and 800-4700-10. I have another sun document
 "SCSI SUN SPECIFICATIOn" date jan 31 1990 revision 1.1. It does not have
 a part number.

 There are also a couple of consulting specials available. I have reviewed
 the sip-consult and feel that with the aid of this maillist it will not
 aid you that much.

 I have already been placed on the maillist. I have established communications
 with my scsi device and am willing to help others to the extent of my knowledge.
 Happy SCSA development.

Malcolm Strickland
Martin Marietta Electronic Systems 407-356-5909

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