Summary: Sparc 2 as NFS File Server + Backup software question

From: Kevin N. Carpenter (
Date: Mon Feb 18 1991 - 12:51:34 CST

A few weeks ago I asked the net about using a Sparc 2 as a high-volume, low activity, Unix file
server. I was planning on loading the poor beast up with 3 SCSI host adapaters (1 standard, 2 SBUS)
and running it maxed out with 1.2GB disk drives (Fuji M2266SAs).

I received over a dozen request for summarys, and several actual comments (including a few from
Vendors). Those that responded with information all felt that it should work. I have since
received news that someone actually has run 6 disk on a single host adapater. SunOS 4.1.1
generic kernel shows 4 SCSI host adapters, so 3 shouldn't be a problem. There remains some
question if more than 16 disk could be supported (device minor number would exceed 128)...

In any case, I'm about to go ask for $48.7K to purchase a Sparc 2, 10 Fuji drives with rackmounts,
and a 5GB 8mm tape drive. It looks like were going to try it and find out!

Does anybody have any experience with LEGATO NETWORKER? We are considering using it as a backup
program and to offer network backup services.

Kevin Carpenter

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