SUMMARY: Traceroute (wanted)

Date: Sat Feb 16 1991 - 21:58:14 CST

Here are the responses to my traceroute query. I've grabbed the version
from It's running fine on our Sun 4's now. As of
SunOS 4.1.1 no kernel mods are required to run traceroute.

Thanks to everyone who replied.


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I believe you're talking about traceroute. (For those who don't know
what this is, traceroute enables you to trace the precise routing path
over gateways and routers that packets take from your machine to any
specified destination host. And with Loose Source Record Routing
enabled, you can also see how a *third* party would reach the same
destination host. As you might imagine, traceroute is an incredibly
useful network debugging tool since it tells you -- unlike ping --
exactly where your packets are dying if the network is down.)

Because installing traceroute requires kernel mods, some people are
understandably reluctant to begin fooling with it. To help things
along a little, I have collected *all* the code you need to compile
and install traceroute on a Sun 3, Sun 3x, Sun 4, or Sun 4c.

The package includes sources for the two kernel modules that need
compiling (ip_icmp.c and raw_ip.c, patched and made available by Bill
Nowicki at Sun) as well as the traceroute executable (traceroute.c),
already patched for LSRR. I've also included the contents of the
original traceroute.tar package as released by Van Jacobson.

I wrote a Makefile and README that might help people compile and
install this software.

Finally, I provide pre-compiled binaries for all of the above, in case
you want to install them directly.

Mike Karels, Van Jacobson, and Bill Nowicki <> did all
the work, of course. I just put all the code in one easy-to-get

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From: (James R Revell Jr)

Try this:

# Manavendra K. Thakur <> 11/24/89
# Revised to fix DESTDIR. 01/29/90

The README says it was tested on Sun 3, 3x, and 4 systems. We're
running it on our Sparcs and it works fine.

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Try I think its also on uunet, but I'm not sure.

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From: (Sun System Programmer) (
Note that in SunOS 4.1.1 you do NOT need to install the kernel patches.

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