Copy Os problem summary

Date: Fri Feb 15 1991 - 12:55:27 CST

Thanks to all (too many to mention) those who replied to my question
about copying Sun OS 4.1.1 relese tapes. The solution
is to use the 'copytape' utility available from several sources on the
network (comp.sources.unix). A couple of kindly
souls actually sent me the code and saved me the trouble,
double thank-you to them.
   To the people who suggested that sincy security required the copys
that they should also pay for a second copy from Sun I say, HAHAHAHAHA,
obviously you have either a dry sense of humor or you live in a fantasy world where
security people act rationally and never make ridiculous
   Some people suggested Sun's tputil, but that would cost $$ and
why pay sun when its on the net for free.

Wyllys Ingersoll

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