SUMMARY: L-function keys not working

Date: Wed Feb 13 1991 - 15:33:32 CST

I received many suggestions on what may have been the problem regarding the
L-function keys not working on my SparcStation. First of all, many people
kindly pointed out to me I did not say what windowing system I was using.
Oooops, we are using SunView. The first suggestion I received worked, and
that was to edit .defaults and set Input SunViewKeys to Yes. Other suggestions
included, but not tried since the first worked:

* Check for a .ttyswrc file in the user's home directory. (I assume this may
  have key bindings if we had such a file.)

* Check for Caps-Lock on. (Popular suggestion, but we would have noticed that
  one :-)

* Rebooting was another popular suggestion.

* Try "reset" or "input_from_defaults"

* Check to see if the user has changed the window manager
initialiazation files, like .twmrc (the tab window manager
under X windows).

* Look at the kb(4m) section of the manual, to help determine how the keys
  are mapped.

Terralyn Vandetta

Thanks to:
napier@ames.UCSD.EDU (Jim Napier)
Shankar Ishwar ( (Bill Selig - SysAdmin)
fsg!skipsun!skip@uunet.UU.NET (Skip Gilbrech)
"John R. Kilheffer" <>
"alex;923-4483" <>
Ken Rossman <>

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