Summary: Problems booting IPC from 4.1.1 CD-ROM

From: Jim Mattson (
Date: Wed Feb 13 1991 - 09:31:44 CST

It appears that my problem was too much memory in the IPC. Fortunately,
there is a workaround:

> From: tgsmith@East.Sun.COM (Timothy G. Smith - Technical Consultant Sun Baltimore)
> Message-Id: <9102131317.AA11134@fedps.East.Sun.COM>
> To: Jim Mattson <>
> Subject: Re: Problems booting IPC from 4.1.1 CD-ROM

> Do you you have a lot of memory?

> If so there is a known bug and a work around.

> The bug is with the low level startup code. It gets a little sick due
> to the size of some dynamically allocated tables (like the memory
> managment tables) not fitting in the memory contained in the first
> bank of memory. The startup code wants to run in the first bank. If
> you have a lot of memory and the first bank has 1MB simms in it then
> the solution is to put 4M simms in the first bank. Or in other words,
> install memory such that the highest capacity SIMMs are found in the
> lowest physical memory locations.

> Try looking at what memory is where and swapping in the high capacity
> simms for the first bank.

> --tim

Thanks also to Ned Danieley (, who described the same
problem and fix.


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