SUMMARY: NQS in the public domain...

Date: Wed Feb 13 1991 - 10:44:59 CST

At the beginning of last week, I had asked a question asking peopel
if they knew if there was a public domain version of NQS out in the
public domain, for SPARC-based systems.

I got a number of responses:

  - it is available from
  - it is available - commerically - from Sterling Software.
  - Archie (see note below) can be used to do searches. VERY USEFUL!!!

I would like to thank all who responded,

             Claude Cantin


From: tgsmith@East.Sun.COM (Timothy G. Smith)

  Some site had 1.0 available for anonyous FTP. I can't remember where
  it was but I can ask one of the guys I work with about it.

From: lewy@Corp.Sun.COM (Lew Yobs)

  Sterling does sell NQS for the SparcStation (contact Don Zarlengo at
  Sterling Software (415-964-9900) for more information).

From: era@niwot.scd.ucar.EDU (Ed Arnold)

  It's my understanding that the PD version of NQS is available from the COSMIC
  office, which is where a lot of software developed by the feds that becomes
  public, is distributed from.

  Seems that I recall that the COSMIC office is at the University of Georgia
  at Atlanta, but I'm not sure about that ...

  BTW there is an easier way to get NQS. Pay $5 million for a Cray. :-)

From: (Roberto Gomez)

  Archie to the rescue (try ``rsh -l archie'', then
  once loged in, ``help'', or ``prog nqs''.

From: "H.Peters" <>

  I got my copy from Unfortunately this version is
  not fully implemented. Your milage may vary.

From: (Charles Maxson)

  Sterling manages the NASA networks for them. One contact there is
  Milo Medin (one of the principal network engineers there). His e-mail
  address is:

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