SUMMARY: Secure NFS between domains

From: Michael N. Lipp (
Date: Wed Feb 13 1991 - 07:15:00 CST

the question I posted last week was:
Question> we have several Suns running OS4.1 in two domains. We are
Question> desperatly trying to import into domain2 a NFS-filesystem
Question> that is exported secure in domain1. After reading the
Question> manuals, I thought that it would be sufficient to make the
Question> publickeys known across domains. So I added
Question> unix.host1@domain1 to the netid-file of domain2 and the
Question> publickey of unix.host1@domain1 to the publickey-file of
Question> domain2 and vice versa. But still I get an authentication
Question> error.
Question> Why? I mean, what do hosts within a domain know of each
Question> other except their publickeys?
The answer is simple, but very disappointing:
>>>>> On Fri, 8 Feb 91 10:21:24 PST, Bob.LeFave@ENG.SUN.COM said:
Bob.LeFave> Secure RPC/NFS doesn't understand the concept of multiple
Bob.LeFave> NIS domains. The domainname is an integral part of the
Bob.LeFave> publickey entry and is checked against the domainname on
Bob.LeFave> the importing machine. One domain, one publickey map
Bob.LeFave> entry. Right now there is no fix I'm aware of (short of
Bob.LeFave> hacking the source yourself).
Bob.LeFave> -bob lefave- Sun sys admin
Thanks also to
Curt Vandetta <curt@SYLVESTR.OCE.ORST.EDU>
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