Summary: Changing Around Directories

From: Sue Chichester (
Date: Mon Feb 11 1991 - 15:34:00 CST

>I have a directory /users on a large disk. I then have all my users
>directories within /users. (/users/sue for example
>What I want to do now is have this disk be /public and then have /users be
>within /public. So my user directories would be /public/users/sue for
>example. Is there a quick and dirty way of doing this?
it's quite simple, you should do the following:
(1) kick all your users off the machine
(2) cd /
    umount /users
(3) edit /etc/fstab and change /users to /public
(4) cd /
    rmdir /users
    mkdir /public
(5) mount /public
(6) cd /public
    mkdir /public/users
    "mv all directories in /public to /public/users
     except of course users"
(7) let your users log in
george nassiopoulos
Thanks George, I'm new at this and I'm a little timid.
In addition to the above I had to
1) vipw to change the users home directories
2) cd /var/yp and then make passwd ! my sun is a master server
3) edit my /etc/exports file since this disk is mounted by clients
4) modify client /etc/fstab files
5) mkdir /public on clients
6) rmdir /user on clients
That was it. Thanks a bunch.

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