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Date: Mon Feb 11 1991 - 11:33:50 CST

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> I finally have the DNS server setup correctly and my resolver library
> installed. Everything seems to work just fine; I can ping, ftp, and
> telnet to anyone on the internet and our LAN. Problem: when mounting
> a filesystem, the remote host must be defined in my local /etc/hosts
> table or I get a "RPC: unknown host" error. After talking to people from
> sun, it seems that the mount command is staticly linked and does not use
> the resolver library. It seems somewhat useless to have DNS running yet
> still have to maintain a host table on each workstation. Does anybody
> know of a fix to the mount command? We all have sun4's and SunOS 4.1.

I will summarize by including a couple of the responses.

From hogan@trollope.csl.sri.com:

> Well, the way I see it you have three choices:
> 1) Get Sun Source and recompile mount linking it with libresolv or
> making it dynamically linked. (Maybe Not an option). (Or find
> someone with Sun source to do it for you....maybe a license
> violation but I'm not really sure)
> 2) Have a /etc/hosts on each machine (can easily be maintained with
> rdist).
> 3) Use NIS (YP) maps to distribute the host table.
> If you opt for the first choice and you don't know of anyone who has
> Sun source, I could probably do it for you (provided it doesn't
> violate our source licensing agreement). But, I would understand if
> you wouldn't feel comfortable running something _that_ important which
> was built by someone you didn't even know. :-)

From dklein@pueblo.att.com:

> Rich - be careful. Mount is used when booting up the system long
> before TCP/IP is started and you can get to a DNS (or your named
> is started). Also, what about when you're in single user mode
> and have only root mounted? Do you want to be using a dynamic
> library in /usr/lib?
> Also, I've seen rcp compiled many times with the static library
> and not the library that uses the resolver. You can just recompile
> it. We did. Works fine. However, we left mount alone and just
> keep the hosts that we mount in the /etc/hosts file.

Thanks to all who responded -

Rich Eckert
Battelle Northwest Labs

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