Summary (RE: Changing passwords from an NIS client (rpc call failed)

From: mark kraitchman (
Date: Wed Feb 06 1991 - 22:35:29 CST

In article <>, I wrote:

>Script started on Wed Feb 6 09:53:46 1991
>cimsim.Berkeley.EDU% passwd
>Changing NIS password for mark on dynprod.
>Old password:
>New password:
>Retype new password:
>RPC: Server can't decode arguments
>passwd couldn't change entry (rpc call failed)
>cimsim.Berkeley.EDU% exit
>script done on Wed Feb 6 09:54:00 1991
>Why is there an RPC error? Any ideas what I need to check or do? replied with the solution, before I even
received the original message back from sun-managers. As was reported,
last week, rpc.yppasswdd can't handle passwords with control characters
in them!

Thanks to all that replied,

mark [some come to make it just one more day] kraitchman
* UUCP:ucbvax!isis!mark *
* or uunet!!mark *
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