Summary: Changing passwords on NIS Client

From: Sue Chichester (
Date: Mon Feb 04 1991 - 19:53:00 CST

I was having trouble changing passwords on the NIS Client machines.
First, You have to add to your rc.local file a line to actually startup
the rpc.yppasswdd daemon. There is a bug in version 4.1; it fails to
recognize the first argument passed to it so you might want to throw th
-noshell option.
/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswd -noshell -m passwd
For all those who told me I needed to use the yppasswd command and not
the passwd command ... as it turns out in 4.1.1 you can use the passwd on
the clients to change the password.
Thanks for the help.
Sue Chichester

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