Summary: Adding a second hard disk to a SUN 3/140

Date: Tue Feb 05 1991 - 19:23:00 CST

I would like to thank everyone who replied with suggestions, solutions,
advice, etc. The answer to my problems lies in the SCSI address of the new
hard disk, which must be set to a different value from the existing one.
My system configuration is as follows:

   +-----+ +------------+ +------------+
   | SUN |---------+ 141Mb Disk | | 71Mb Disk |
   | | | (existing) +--------+ (new) |
   +=====+ +============+ +============+

Both "shoebox"es are connected to the same SCSI controller on the SUN s/140
and each shoebox also has a local controller each. The setting of jumpers and
switches are done on the controller cards of the new disk system. I contacted
the local supplier here for advice on how to set the various DIP switches and
jumpers. The 71Mb disk has a local Adaptec controller with a set of jumpers
labelled J5. The A-B pair has to be shorted to indicate that it is the second
controller connected to the SCSI bus. Similarly for the streaming tape drive,
which uses an Emulex card, there is a set of DIP switches SW1 and the first
switch must be changed from OFF to ON, to prevent conflict with the tape drive
on the 141Mb disk shoebox. The system then booted up properly, but the new
disk is still not recognized by the SunOS. So, the OS must be reconfigured with
the following changes/additions:

add line to config file: tape st1 at si0 drive 40 flags 1
add line to config file: disk sd2 at si0 drive 8 flags 0

Remake the kernel with these additions, create new device files and reboot the
system. That solves it.

Thanks again for all the help.


Winston Seah

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