SLIP - how to get & more [summary]

From: Eric Ho (
Date: Fri Feb 01 1991 - 10:51:25 CST

OK, here is a brief summary of all the responses I got for getting SLIP on
Sparc under SunOS 4.1.

* slipware.tar.Z on contains slip-4.0 along with a few
  utilities programs/daemons. It claims to be very reliable. If you want it
  to run on SunOS 4.1, you must get the mclput patch from Sun, patch-id
  100149-01. This patch basically fixes the ip_input & if_subr modules that
  would cause kernel panics when certain sequence of ip packets cause the mbuf
  chain to be corrupted.

* I've also been told that slip-4.1-beta.tar.Z on runs fine on
  SunOS 4.1 even without the mclput patch. I haven't tried it yet however.

* There is a package on uunet.uunet, dialupip.tar.Z, that would do auto modem
  config and dialout for SLIP. However, it was written on SunOS 3.5 and there
  is no port as yet for SunOS 4.x


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