SUMMARY: 3D plotting software

From: Vikas Aggarwal (
Date: Thu Jan 31 1991 - 16:33:20 CST

Lot of replies that 'Wingz' is also available for the Sun's - contact
Informix at 800-438-7627 (with educational discount about $400 for 4

Someone asked about the location of 3dplot - I don't know where it is
available at but the author is

IRIS users can try out IRISPLOT from

Gnuplot from in pub/gnu/

Overall, I am still not very satisfied with what's available !!

Thanks to:

        Martin L.W. Hall
        Fred Seals
        Barry Shein
        Richard Kurtz (thanks for the Informix number)
        Kevin Sheehan

 -vikas (609) 258-2403

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