news & SUMMARY: network, yp, rpcnews

From: Kristina Fayyad (
Date: Tue Jan 29 1991 - 13:59:36 CST

This includes a summary of a problem that I posted earlier today
as well as a description of a continuing problem with news.

My problem was that although I could telnet to machines outside of our
site, and nfs was working, yp and network backups were not working.
Thanks to all who responded. Portmap died soon after rebooting,
so I rebooted again. Portmap has been up and working for a few hours
now. And YP is working again.

 arrent! (Angel R. Rivera)
 david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre)
 Scott Blandford <>


Although this may not be the most appropriate list for a news problem,
I must resort to it since news is the problem. News hasn't been coming
in for a few days now. It stopped coming in before I had any of the
above problems with YP or network backups. My feed site says that the
problem is on my end. So far I have been unable to find my test
messages to misc.test on sites outside of ours - I have access to
another site. So, do you know of any other ways to check the status
of my news configuration here?

Any help in solving this problem is greatly appreciated. I'll
summarize. Thanks.


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