cheap SCSI disk (SUMMARY)

From: Matt Goheen (
Date: Mon Jan 28 1991 - 10:07:05 CST

A few people asked for a summary of what I found wrt purchasing small
SCSI disks for a SPARCstation. Here is the edited version, if anyone
would like copies of all the responces just let me know.

    Recommended phone # Notes Why?

    Alliance Peripheral Systems (800) 233 7550 (1,3) price, service
    anDATAco (800) 334-9191 (1,4) price, service, support
    Apunix Computer Services (619) 484-0074 (8) price, service, support
    Artecon (619) 931-5500 quality
    Box Hill (212) 399-4770 (12) service, support
    CITA Technologies (800) 421-2055 (1,5) ?
    Corporate Systems Center ? ?
    Delta Microsystems, Inc. (415) 449-6811 (9) service, support
    Eakins Open Systems (415) 969-5109 (7) support
    Falcon Systems Inc. (800) 326-1002 (1,10) service, support
    Grumman Systems Support ? price
    National Peripherals Inc. (708) 325-4151 price, service, support
    North Central Peripherals (612) 881-2302 price
    PC clone/Mac shops various (1) price
    Seltek (216) 338-3663 (6) price
    TMS Peripherals (800) 626-MEGS (2) price
    Trimarchi (800) 356-6638 ?
    Unison Information Systems (508) 879-3200 (11) price


    1) These vendors were recommended by more than one person.
    2) Quantum 105S external $499, Quantum 200Mb external $955
    3) Quantum 105S internal $399, Quantum 200Mb external $939 (+ $65 cable)
    4) ? 207Mb internal $925, Maxtor 200Mb internal $995
    5) Connor 200Mb internal $1000, Quantum 200Mb internal $996
    6) ? 200Mb ? $850
    7) Fujitsu 1.2Gb $3125
    8) Quantum 105Mb internal $680, Quantum 210Mb external $1260
    9) Phone number was disconnected.
    10) Maxtor 200Mb internal $1150
    11) Good prices but bad return policy, Maxtor 200Mb internal $940
    12) ? 200Mb external $1650 (!)

    NOT Recommended

    Alphatronix, Highland Digital, Interscience Computer Corporation,
    R-Squared, Spectrum Systems, System Industries, Western Scientific,
    Computer Upgrade (aka "System Upgrade")

    R-Squared was recommended by one, and not recommended by another.
    One bad experience is one too many for me.

Of the above, I have personally used Falcon, Unison, Box Hill and Delta
Microsystems. There are basically two classes of vendor: those who
specialize in Sun and/or other workstations; and PC/Mac mail order houses
who "know" about Sun systems. In most cases, the price differences
between these two types are glaring. I also called about 10 of the above
(some of the prices are what I was quoted, others are what people sent to
me) and was treated either well or very well by each and every one.

I will probably go with APS or TMS in this case since price is basically
the deciding factor for this purchase. Thanks to all the respondants:

        Arden White <siucbal!arden> (Vikas Aggarwal) (Jeff Aldrich)
        arrent! (Angel R. Rivera)
        bit!markm (Mark Morrissey) (Bob Cunningham) (Elizabeth Leight) (Ed Arnold) (fabrice cuq) (Kevin W. Thomas) (System Manager) (Nita Avalani)
        Richard Drew Dean <> (Roberto Gomez)
        Stefan Mochnacki <>
        Steve Riley <pacacc!>

                                        Matt Goheen

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