Summary: Zapped ethernet board

Date: Tue Jan 22 1991 - 10:00:04 CST

Following is a message I sent out the end of last week:
> I have a SS1+ that has been running for approx. 6 months standalone.
> Today we tried to hook it up to a network. We have fiber running from
> a passive star into a 3030 Codenoll transceiver, then an AUI cable
> runs from the transceiver to the ethernet port of the Sun. The transceiver
> gets its power from the ethernet board (I suppose) because, normally,
> the green light on the transcdiver will come on.
> This morning, we hooked up the transcdiver to the ethernet port and
> the light did come on. Then the transceiver was disconnected for
> a few minutes and then reconnected. This time the light did not
> come on and we have not been able to get it to work since. We have
> tried switching AUI cables but nothing seems to work. The tranrceiver
> checks out when attached to another system; at least, the light comes
> on.
> The first thing that came to my mind is that the ethernet board died.
> This bothers me because its never been used, but its definitely
> not impossible. My question is could there be another reason why
> no power is going to the transceiver? We've never had to do anything
> to the ethernet boards on the Suns before to get them to work so
> I don't know anything I could even try.

I got several responses right away before I went home for the day. The
majority said that the fuse on the ethernet board probably blew. And,
of course, we were doing a no-no by connected the cables while the
machine was on, so it is hightly likely that this is exactly what
happened. We are in the process of calling the company that has our
hardware maintenance so they can come replace the fuses. I got the
impression from the responses that this is not something people usually
fix themselves. I gathered that these fuses are hard to come by.

I would like to thank the following people for responding so quickly:
(I included excerpts from a couple that explain where these fuses
 are on the ethernet board.)

From: (Joe Van Andel)
From: (Bernard Paul Palmer)
From: Ken Rossman <>
From: Jay Plett <>
From: (Bob Smith)
From: (Mike Anderson)
From: "Phil Kaslo" <>
Frnm: (Curt Freeland)
From: Richard Elling <>
From: (Ron Vasey)
From: tots!tots.Logicon.COM!
From: (Dan Lorenzini)
From: Fons Ullings <>
From: (Bengt Skyllkvist - Sun Sweden)
From: (Cyrus Rahman)

From: "Anthony A. Datri" <>
There are a couple of small fuses on the CPU
board. They're clear, about the size of the eraser on a pencil, and
have two leads out of one end. The other end says "125V 2A LF".

From: (John A. Shrivdr)
Find the fuse. It will be on the CPU card near the Ethernet
connector. Many suns use a little clear plastic fuse, a cylinder
3/16" in diameter and 3/16" long, plugged into a little black palstic

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