SUMMARY: Terminal becomes tiny

From: J. Porter Clark (
Date: Thu Jan 17 1991 - 19:45:33 CST

You folks are FAST! Work to do and a @#$%^! WAR on and I got a bunch
of responses starting 15 minutes after Post Time. My original
complaint was:

>>Equipment: Sun 3/460 with Sun-4 keyboard
>>OS: SunOS 4.1
>>About once a week I get some sort of software rot that causes programs
>>like more and vi to think that my terminal (regardless of where I've
>>logged in or what with) is only one or two lines tall. For example,
>>hitting the space bar in more makes it scroll up one line at a time.
>>TERM and TERMCAP are okay, doing tset or reset doesn't fix it, and
>>(gasp!) logging out and back in again doesn't fix it. Not only does it
>>affect me, but anybody else logging in after that point has the same
>>problem. Rebooting fixes it until I trigger it again. I'm the primary
>>user of the thing and nobody else has been able to trigger it. It
>>seems to occur most often if I'm using mail(1) from a PC running PC-NFS
>>telnet, and I hit ctl-C while I use more (via the PAGER and crt
>>variables) to read mail. It's not consistently repeatable and I have
>>triggered it in several other ways.

Nearly everyone told me to mess around with the "rows" and "cols"
options of stty, as in "stty rows 0 cols 0". All right, I hadn't tried
that yet. As soon as I can get the problem to recur, I'll try it. If
that doesn't fix it, I'll try to characterize the problem better and
tell the world about it.

I had a suggestion to try "^Jreset^J". I had thought of that already,
but no go (it's buried in my verbose description of the problem up

I thank everyone who responded; the list follows. I keep thinking I
left out somebody; sorry about that!

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