Summary NIS + DNS bug?

Date: Wed Jan 02 1991 - 09:49:11 CST

The original question was:
>> We are used to put the "-b" flag in the NIS Makefile, in order to have
>> an homogeneous network where anyone anywhere can use the DNS services
>> for ftp, telnet, rlogin, etc.
>> I was told that this doesn't work, for instance on a DNS transient error,
>> here anormal traffic can be generated. And last week-end we received
>> complaints about that.
I received no conclusive answer: someone told me having had no trouble
so far, someone told me that 4.1 is better (but doesn't seem perfect...),
and a third person thinks 'it is fixed in 4.1'.
I think the better I have to do is to build new rlogin, ftp and telnet;
since I have sources for these 3 programs.
Thanks to: (Brendan Kehoe) (Don "Truck" Lewis)
And happy new year for all sun-managers!

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