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From: Mitch Baltuch (
Date: Thu Jan 03 1991 - 09:40:27 CST

Thanks to the many who replied to my question. Here is a quick summary.

Original Question:

I administer a network of sun sparc machines which must be synchronized to
National Bureau of Standards time. We have written the code to get one machine
to ingest the time and synchronize, but we need to have that machine get the
rest of our network in synch.


I got 40 responses and they were evenly divided between recommending using
rdate and using xntp. My impression is that rdate is fine if you want to keep
your machines in synch within, say, a second granularity, but if you need
better synchronization than that you should used xntp.

xntp is available by anonymous ftp from in pub/ntp/xntp. Also
there are 3 rfc's (1119,1128,1129) available from the same source.

I also got some requests on how we were ingesting the NBS time, and requests
for our source code. The person working on that code says that it is too
rough to release at the moment, but should be ready in about a month. I'll
post a message when it is done. FYI, we are ingesting the signal from a
Spectracom (WWVB) into a serial port on a SS1+ and synching that machine, which
will become the time server to the rest of our network.

Thanks again,
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