Summary of responses to "Advice sought for dead disk"

From: Tim Ramsey (
Date: Thu Jan 03 1991 - 10:44:37 CST


About a week ago I sent a plea for help after seeing:

  sd6a: read retry, block 6736 (6736 relative)
  sd6a error: sense key (0x4): hardware error, error code (0x9): servo error

on my 4/330 (SunOS 4.1). The disk is an internal "CDC Wren IV 94171-344".

I received a total of 12 responses, most of which indicated that the disk
is dead. Well, you're right. I tried to format it, and the format failed
every time with a hardware error on cylinder 3. I ran surface analysis
tests on it 3 times, and each time it came up with new bad blocks. I've
since repartitioned my remaining disks and given up sd6 as dead. My sincere
thanks to all who responded.

There is another Sun 4/330 on campus with the same configuration. I'm told
that they have had problems with their internal disk drive as well. I'm
wondering if others with this configuration have had this sort of problem.
Is this a pattern, or perhaps just a local thing?

Finally, I'm looking for a new drive. The internal drive was a 327M CDC
(right? That's what I think I was told by the person I replaced). I'd
like to replace it with something with the same capacity or larger. A
major plus would be something that fits inside the 4/330, since otherwise
I'll have to buy a box to put it in.

So, I'd appreciate pointers to vendors, recommendations for a replacement
drive, comments about the various drives and vendors out there, and
whatever else you feel a hardware novice like myself should know about
the wide world of hard drives.

I've already received a quote from Sun: for $1000, they'll give me 30
day replacement/repair on the disk. With a 3 month guarantee. :-(

Please email responses, I'll post a summary if asked. Thanks in advance,


Tim Ramsey (   (913) 532-6750 (voice)  532-7004 (FAX)
Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS 66506

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