SUMMARY: sync scsin on 4/60 under 4.1.1

From: Doug Neuhauser (
Date: Sun Jan 06 1991 - 17:21:19 CST

I posted a request a while back to see whether the 4/60 (SS1)
could supported sync under 4.1.1. The manuals say that it is
enabled on all new systems EXCEPT the 4/60.

The best response came from Greg Earle, Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
 JPL on-site Software Support, earle@poseur.JPL.NASA.GOV, earle@Sun.COM

1. Does the 4/60 support sync scsi?
2. If so, why is it not turned on?

No, Synchronous SCSI is not supported on the 4/60 under 4.1.1. It *is*
supported on the 4/65. I don't know why specifically; probably either speed
or slightly changed hardware between the 4/60 and 4/65. Upgrade thyself (^:

>Does anyone know any way of turning on synchronous SCSI on a 4/60 under 4.1.1?

You can't. The SCSI driver looks at the CPU type in the i.d. PROM at boot
probe time to decide whether it can enable it or not.

- Doug Neuhauser,, (818)356-3993

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