SUMMARY - spurious VME interrupt

From: Nicky Ayoub (
Date: Tue Jan 08 1991 - 09:39:28 CST

        Thanks to all that answered. I am sorry for not putting in
        my full configutation but every one seemed to assume correctly.
        It is a Sun 4/370 running Sun OS 4.1, and it does have 2 ether-
        net interfaces. It seems that it is a known problem and Sun
        does have a fix. It doesn't look too serious. "Ignore it" was
        an answer I got often.

          Now for the Summary...

        NB. Take note of Hal Stern's response.

From: Kennedy Lemke <Kennedy_J_Lemke@Princeton.EDU>
> I do have somewhat of an idea of what this is about--I got
> these messages when upgrading a 3/280 to a 4/390. Turns out
> that I had one of the older revision second ethernet board.
> Getting the newest rev. fixed the problem.

From: David LeVine <levine@berlioz.nsc.COM>
> You didn't indicate which version of SunOS you are running. Assuming
> that it is either 4.0.3 or 4.1 and that this machine has at least two
> ethernet interfaces, this message can be ignored. It is caused by the
> fact that the two network interfaces have different interrupt priority
> levels. There are patches available from Sun for this for both OS levels.
> It appears to be fixed in 4.1.1.

From: Tony Tran <tran@bungi.COM>
> I think your problem was due to the 2nd ie1 board. Call Sun and ask for
> the lo_core.o patch.

From: Ray Smith <>
[ Special thanks to Ray who went through the trouble of searching 3 years
  worth of sun-spots, sun-managers and sun-nets on my behalf. - Nicky ]
> (Jon A. Tankersley)
> Every time we've seen this, the secondary ethernet board has been improperly
> set. The older Sun's didn't have a problem with this but the newer do.
> Check both ethernet boards strapping and make sure they conform to the NEW
> style.
> I called the hotline number and they said that it was my ie1, that there
> had been some "timing problems", my board was probably too old and that
> I should be on at least rev 3.
> I got Sun to upgrade my 370 from an ie1 to an ie2 and have not had an error
> since then.

From: Hal Stern - Consultant <stern@East.Sun.COM>
> please give your full configuration: hardware, os level, etc.
      [ Sun 4/370 Sun0S 4.1, le0 and ie1 - Nicky]
> this is a known bug in sunos 4.1 and there is a patch available.
> it's bugid 1009297, and it's fixed by Patchd-ID 100116-01

From: jam@philabs.Philips.Com
> I'd guess you have an extra ethernet board, ie1. It will probably work if
> you can get it upgraded to an ie2 (or so I'm told) or you can just get a
> recent rev for the ie1.

From: Tim Beyea <beyea@Zeus.ERC.MsState.Edu>
> This problem is very common on sun machines that have 2 ethernet
> interfaces. It's that 2nd ethernet that will cause the interupts when it
> gets heavy activity. It seemed less obnoxious under 4.0.3 that 4.0, 4.0.1
> and 4.1.

From: Keith McNeill <eplrx7!mcneill@uunet.UU.NET>
> It's your second ethernet controller...It's known to do this. Call sun
> for a patch that will comment out this error message in the kernel.

        Thanks again to all that responded. I can breath a bit easier
Nicky Ayoub
Dept. of E.E Concordia University
Montreal QC. H3G 1M8 (514) 848-3107

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