SUMMARY: SunView font in ONE window...

Date: Wed Jan 09 1991 - 14:47:36 CST

I figure I should post a summary before too many people reply to my

About 1 hour ago, I sent a message asking if someone knew how to
create a new window with a larger font. Half an hour later, Tom Tonroy
(trc@ESD.3Com.COM) answered back!!!

Thanks Tom!

"shelltool -Wt /usr/lib/fonts/fixedwidthfonts/font_name" where font_name is
   the name of a font in /usr/lib/fonts/fixedwidthfonts.

solves my problem.

This discussion list is SUPER!!!

> Our site is now the Ottawa hub for Usenet news.
> We have installed it on a Sun 3/160, running SunOS 4.0.3. That system
> also happens to be our name server.
> We use SunView as our GUI. We have kept the font size to be the default.
> Now, with the advent of the Usenet news, we can get our discussion lists
> tranferred away from our mainframe (IBM 3090) into our Suns.
> NetNews (I think that's what it's called!) would be used to read the news.
> The problem is: to read the Usenet News (with the "rn" command), we want
> a new window to open, with a LARGER font than the default font. BUT we
> also want to keep the default font size in all the other windows.
> Is there an option on "shelltool" that would specify a font for that one
> window??? I've looked all over the place, but can't find anything regarding
> fonts (except the .defaults file, which keeps the font used by ALL windows).
> Thank you for your help,
> Claude Cantin
> UNIX System Administrator
> National Research Council
> Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R6,

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