RE:Calendar Manager probs. (Summary)

From: Michael Baumann (proton!
Date: Wed Jan 09 1991 - 15:30:29 CST

Monday I wrote:
        On 3/260 platform with Hi Rez mono monitor, attemps to select
        the date to edit calendars will always select the previous date.
        In some cases this will select the previous month, at which point
        you are stuck in the wrong month. E.G. Assume today is 01/07/91,
        double click on the 8th. the appontment editor shows the 7th.
        Attempt to add an appointment. One appears on the display in the
        7th, but nothing appears in the editor slection pane. Now double
        click on the 9th. The appointment for the 7th appears in the 8th.
        This problem does not exist on our color systems (CG3)

Well, for once sun came thru before this list. (GASP! :-)
Seems that this is a known "lack of documentaion".
(can you say "subtle bug"? I knew you could.) The fix is as follows:
run /usr/etc/tzsetup.
It seems that if your kernel is compiled with the "wrong" TZ it triggers
this difficulty.

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