input freezing: intermediate summary

From: Ralph Finch (
Date: Wed Jan 09 1991 - 16:31:55 CST

I got a few replies back but no definite answers:

One thought it was the screenblank program, but it's not that;
the problem is manifested by a white console screen with no text. It's
also happened on an SS1+.

Another said:
Do a netstat -m and look at the "allocation failures" column to see if
you are running out of dblks. If the number of failures is high, you
will need to modify param.c to up the NBLK values (e.g., NBLK128 refers to
128 byte dblks). Then build and install a new kernel.

[We haven't tried this yet].

Another thought it might be sunview and selection_svc. We're running openwin
but I think that would be the same thing. Can't recall if openwin was running
when the problem happened on the 4/330.

Another said:
We have had a similar problem on a 4/390 running 4.0.3. Our Sun FE
suggested that it was a bad video card and he replaced it a couple
of days ago. It hasn't happened since, however, it only happened
every few weeks (probably because the console isn't used that much).

Finally, our sysadmin fixed it on the SS1+ by typing clear_colormap, but
this didn't work on the 4/330. We have a service call in, when we get a
definite fix I'll post it.

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