SUMMARY: ping with increasing delays in 4.1.1

From: Vikas Aggarwal (
Date: Wed Jan 09 1991 - 16:29:59 CST

The problem "went" away today. Anyway, the best answer I got was that
ping has this problem if you integrate the bind routines into the
shared C library - i.e. the problem does not occur with the shared
library shipped with 4.1.1. (when will Sun learn that not *everyone*
likes sleeping with NIS). Thanks to Ittai Hershman at NYU for the reply.
Ed Arnold at NCAR mentioned that they got the same problem with 4.1 over
FDDI links.

A lot of people asked me about the ISI ping that I used. I don't remember
where I got it from (try, but I have put my copy for anonymous
ftp on NISC.JVNC.NET under pub.

 -vikas (609) 258-2403

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