SUMMARY: tip on Trailblazers with 4.1.1

From: ccrwest!
Date: Wed Jan 09 1991 - 12:16:42 CST

Well, we finally got the problem resolved. Here is the original problem:

>I just recently upgraded a SUN4/330 server from 4.0.3 to 4.1.1. The upgrade
>itself went pretty well however, I have a few irritation problems that have
>not yet been resolved. The problem at this time is the tip program.
>The Problem:
>We are using Telebit modems to dial the university to have access to the
>Internet. Since the upgrade to 4.1.1 we have found a strange problem with
>tip when using the modems attached to ports ttyc and ttyd of the 330 server.
>When issuing tip from the console ( a Falco vt100) the tip program displays
>all sorts of garbage. It reconizes commands I think however, you can not
>read a bit of what is displayed. If you rlogin to that system from the console
>everything is as it should be. Whenever you rlogin to the system and use tip
>all is fine you just can't do it when you login to the console itself.
>Anyone seen this problem? Anyone have ideas? We have checked /etc/remote and
>it appears to be okay.

The Solution:

As Louis Brune from Logicon suggested the setup for the terminal needed to be
changed. With the upgrade tip from the console required us to either run
with stty cs7 ( this causes the console not to function for other things) or
stty pass8 which turns of parenb and istrip modes. It appears with the latter
option the console will function as normal at least we have not found anything
that does not function properly.

Many thanks to:
Louis Brune louis@tots.Logicon.COM
John Uhley

Both of their suggestions combined put us on the right track to figuring out
the problem.

Kandi Kirk-Wilt ccrwest!
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