SUMMARY: PPP on a 4/20 under 4.1

Date: Thu Jan 10 1991 - 03:56:17 CST


my original posting was:

>I'm trying to set up PPP on my 4/20. When I start PPP it says:
>ppp: ioctl(I_PUSH, ppp_async): Invalid argument
>Therefore I got a few questions:
>1) does anybody know how to fix this ?
>2) has anybody succeeded in installing PPP on a 4C system under
> 4.1 ?
>3) does anybody know the address of a PPP mailing list ?

Thanks to all who responded. Some people asked which version I'm
running, its ppp.tar.Z from .
On the PC-side I'm using the KA9Q internet protocol package,
version v900124 which is available from several locations.

The answers are:

1) include "ppp.h" in /sys/sun/str_conf.c at the end of the
#include section (before the start of the "#if NFOO > 0" section).
 Step 3 of the instructions failed to mention this.

2) no answers, only questions like "let me now if you succeed"

3) yes, the current issue of UNIX Today! has an article about slip
 and ppp, and it says the address for the ppp mailing list is

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