Date: Thu Jan 10 1991 - 09:54:11 CST

Thanks to the 52 who replied to my request for help in setting up an
auto-shutdown script. Almost everyone reminded me to redirect i/o and
to background. So I set up a simple one line script
/etc/shutdown $* </dev/null >& /dev/null &
called qshutdown, and now I can use
      do_to_all qshutdown -k +12 for testing
One reply worth passing on was a neat system for quiet rebooting.
From: (Margen Metcalfe)
I saw your posting about shutting down other machines. This is how we
reboot other machines:
Each machine has an entry in a cron file (/usr/adm/daily) that says
        if [ -f /tmp/rebootplease ]; then
Then when we want to reboot them all at once we rdist a /tmp/rebootplease
file to them and cron takes care of it sometime in the night.
                        Margen Metcalfe
What I really needed was a way to shutdown and restart all the clients
easily without touching them (they are scatted all over the building,
mostly in locked offices.) Now I can kill rarpd, do a shutdown -r
by the above, and when ready, let the system come up. It really jams the
network when everymachine tries to boot at once, but they seem to work it out.
 Thanks again.

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