Re: Summary: Public availability of Sun 4.1.1 patches

From: Toerless Eckert (
Date: Mon Jan 14 1991 - 02:40:18 CST

>From article <>, by aggarwal@NISC.JVNC.NET (Vikas Aggarwal):
- A pretty comprehensive collection of patches for SunOS's are available via
- anonymous FTP from:
- in pub/unix/sun
- in pub/sun-fixes
- A couple of people mentioned that they spoke to Sun regarding this, and
- the reply they got from Sun was that "they can only have patches when
- they find a problem, because some patches clash and need fine tuning
- depending on the hardware and software". All I have to add to this is
- that Sun better get its act together before people start weighing the
- support disadvantages against the hardware advantages.

I would like to ask about legal issues: As far as i know, patches from
sun are only available (in general) to mainenance contract customers,
and not to the general public. Is this information that i have correct ?


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