SUMMARY: Fujitsu M2266SA 1.2GB Disk Drive

From: Mark Morrissey (bit!
Date: Tue Oct 16 1990 - 11:20:56 CDT

Well, I didn't hear from any Sun Managers :-(
But I did hear from my vendor (CITA) who heard from Fujitsu.

The problem turns out to be a limitation within SunOS (uuugggghhh!!!!)
which prevents it from being able to use the 98 sectors/track on
the 2266sa. The fix is to use the following numbers:

   alt cyl=2
   sec/trk=85 <-- the magic cookie

The drive formatted fine on a SS1 without the tty timeout patch
and I will move it over to the 4/330 today for a happy life
of data storage.

BTW: the Fujitsu BBS (408-944-9899) had some useful info as well.

p.s. CITA managed to turn this in almost record time, considering that
Fujitsu and CITA are on opposite coasts, 4 hours is pretty darn good.

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