From: Mark Morrissey (
Date: Thu Jul 19 1990 - 17:32:54 CDT

Many thanks to all who contributed to the plethora of responses on
this subject (the list would exceed the limitations of many mailers :-)

The gist seems to be:

1. They are pretty good to have around, especially if you have a new
   generation system which can actually use them.

2. They do not plug into sun3's or older sun4's (like our 4/280).

3. Sun3's will have to boot off another machine and then use the CD
   as a remote install device. Major drawback from my point of
   view, I have other uses for that disk space.

4. Sun seems pretty dead set on going this way (makes sense, but not
   having a driver and cable for a Sun3 is a pretty low blow to the
   user community -- HEAR ME SUN!!!)

5. The Sun CD deal right now seems to be a pretty good deal, especially
   if you have to buy the OS.

Just an aside -- Sun now has "service partners" (Kodak out here) and
that is the reason why we are going away from our current service
vendor (well, there are a few others, such as "will you please send
us that critical replacement part this month??")

Anywho, the CD seems to be the way to go and maybe Sun hasn't screwed
it up to bad (after all, it should be easier than NFS :-)

p.s. I will boil down the responses to a reasonable size over the next
week or so and will make them available upon request. I will also
archive them for future reference.

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