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From: steve@umiacs.UMD.EDU
Date: Sun May 13 1990 - 11:48:42 CDT

   This RFC came up in a recent posting, but I thought I'd pass this along
anyway, as I think it contains additional information.


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Date: Wed, 9 May 90 10:25:06 EDT
From: (Robert Havens Stine)
Subject: Announcement

My site has been off the Internet for about a month, so I can't tell
whether an announcement for RFC 1147 has been posted. If not, could
you please post the attached note?


Bob Stine

- -----announcement follows

A catalog of tools for managing TCP/IP internets and the
communications resources that they interconnect has recently been
published as RFC 1147. The catalog has brief descriptions of 85
network management tools. Each entry tells what a tool does, how it
works, and how it can be obtained. The catalog also includes an
introductory tutorial on the practice of network management.

The goal of the catalog is to provide practical information to site
administrators and network managers. It identifies tools that are
available to assist network managers in debugging and maintaining
their networks. Network management tools and LAN management tools,
public domain, copy righted, and commercial tools are included in
the catalog.

The catalog can be obtained via anonymous FTP from host,
with pathname for the postscript version, and pathname
RFC:RFC1147.txt for the ascii version.

The NIC also provides an automatic mail service for sites that cannot
use FTP. To use this service to get the catalog, send an email
message to, with the RFC as the subject line
(i.e., "Subject: RFC 1147").

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