Summary: LENGTHY "restore" on 4/390

From: Operator (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1990 - 15:05:46 CST

Well, not much to be said here. "restore" just takes a god-awful
long time to complete. Thing is, I was aware of that. What I observed
was that "restore" from the miniroot takes approximately 3 - 4 times
as much time as "restore" when the system is booted single-user.

Any ideas as to why this is the case? Apart from a slightly greater
memory utilization in the miniroot, there should really be no difference.
I don't have access to sun-source(yet), so I can't tell what they have

Anyway, thanx to all the folks that replied.

Mahesh Subramanya
Office of Univeristy Computing
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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